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By 2nd January 2018Self awareness
wallking boots

Helen’s walking boots were too heavy and caused a world of pain.

I achieved three things I’m particularly proud of in 2017, but this isn’t a smug list, I’d hope it’s more of a  down to earth reflection on them, warts and all!  

  1. I walked 56KM (33miles) for to raise money for British Red Cross. I’m very proud of this, it’s the furthest distance I’ve ever walked and I did a fair bit of training for it. I walked through the pain to achieve something I suspected I could do, but didn’t realise just how hard it would be. Caitlin Moran did warn me in her brilliant ‘How to Be A Woman’ – but who listens to shelf help? (I do, but clearly not on this occasion)

What you should also know is:

  • I had to poo outside (don’t worry, it was up a hill away from other walkers) on route because I was desperate for a wee and you know, sometimes you don’t know it’s coming.
  • One of my best friends and I had quite the (we’re in pain) rage during the last couple of kilometres
  • I lost three toe nails,
  • I was wearing the wrong kind of boots for this kind of distance (hence losing toe nails and getting pretty hideous blisters)
  • I ate a mars bar at the last break stop even though I quit sugar over a year ago.

2. So achievement number two, if you’re not too squeamish and haven’t already clicked off the page in disgust. I promise this one is cleaner. I founded a coaching business. In that process I’ve launched this website along with a few social media accounts. I’ve worked with new clients and have an event in the works. I’ve hired an accountant, an assistant and worked with a photographer. I’m building a brand I’m proud of.

What you should also know is:

  • I set it up a limited company on a whim, even though lots of people said I should set up as a sole trader. I was not confident about this decision, I just did it.
  • I did not have a business plan. Or a budget. Yes I’m developing these things now, but it’s an ongoing process and I would never have got started if I forced myself to do those things first. See: Be A Free Range Human
  • My partner and I came up with the name one night drinking beer on the sofa. I wanted Rose after my mum, he added butterfly because he’s a tattoo fanatic. It just also happens to be a transformative symbol.
  • I still don’t fully understand what dividends are.
  • I have to ask my accountant every month: what’s the difference between Gross and Net?

3. My final achievement relates to personal and professional skills development. I’ve massively upped my game as a Life Coach. I’ve trained in Solution Focus Brief Therapy and have attended various coaching workshops and mental wellbeing trainings throughout the year. I have a coaching supervisor who has improved my skill and confidence ten-fold. I have my own coach who has already changed the course of my life, giving me even more belief in the process. I’ve coached about 75 people this year.

What you should also know is:

  • I had a meltdown in the spring where impostor syndrome dug its claws into me and I thought I was going to lose all my work.
  • The grief I experienced in 2016 has at times been all consuming. I struggled with extreme bouts of anger in the summer and recovery only really started when I could be honest with myself that’s what was happening. This has on occasion affected my ability to be the best coach I can be.
  • I only took about 10 days leave in total this year. That’s not good enough for someone who’s an advocate for self-care. I’m already scheduling at least four week long breaks into my diary for 2018.

There are times when I feel a bit overwhelmed by the coaching world. I pride myself in taking a no bullshit approach, but sometimes I worry I’m getting sucked in. However, self awareness is key and something I’ll continue to strive for this year. So there it is, the warts and all summary of my achievements in 2017. Why I like this approach, it’s a reminder, as my father says, you should never let the perfect get in the way of the good.

Thanks for reading and if you’re new to Rose & Butterfly, do check out some of our other news and coaching insights on the blog.

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