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When was the last time you took self love and thought proactively about the direction of your life? And in that thinking, felt able to truly put yourself first?

I’ve been lucky to have been exposed to a great deal of coaching and coaching related activities in my ten plus years working in the charity sector. So much so, that sometimes I feel I take some of this knowledge and expertise for granted. I forget the benefits of exposure to people who are curious about personal development, to those who perhaps haven’t yet found the right way in or opportunity to explore it further. So I’m very excited about sharing some of my favourite coaching activities with those who attend this event.

Heart shaped leaves

Take some time for you.

The idea for bringing self-care into this workshop was initiated by my dear friend Vicki who has a great deal of emotional intelligence, not least because she’s had a successful career working in the sector herself. When I told Vicki my idea to run a workshop to give people the opportunity to experience coaching techniques, she said, why don’t you bring self-care into it as it relates to people taking steps to invest in themselves? Great idea I thought.

Soon after that conversation I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talk about self-compassion in a video series about managing difficult emotions. She talked with humility about learning to forgive and care for ourselves in the same way we do our most precious loved ones. In fact, as I’m reminded time and time again, we don’t actually have the capacity to effectively support those around us unless we’re in tune with our own needs and are willing to invest in our own wellbeing as a priority. For me, part of investing in our own well being is taking some responsibility for the direction of our lives and having clarity on our best hopes for ourselves. With those thoughts in mind I’m offering you the chance to experience coaching as part of your self-care journey.

If this peaks your interest and you haven’t seen my flyer, here’s a run-down of what to expect:

In the session you will –

  • Be listened to in a supportive environment where the emphasis is on you and your wellbeing
  • Tune into the importance and value of self-care and compassion
  • Gain some clarity about your next steps towards a favoured future
  • Connect with others and be inspired by their experiences and insights

To reserve your place, click this link below

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