How can Rose & Butterfly Coaching Help?

Rose & Butterfly coaching is designed to help you access fresh perspectives where something that seemed out of reach becomes possible.

You’ll be given the opportunity to reflect on your current position, build your confidence and defy self-doubt.

Sessions are friendly, compassionate and non-judgemental, they will challenge you to see your situation in new ways making clear distinctions between facts and self-limiting beliefs.

Who can have coaching with Rose & Butterfly?

Anyone can access Rose & Butterfly sessions. However, our current areas of specialism are:

  • Careers transition for those looking to explore a new direction
  • Support with preparation for important events e.g. job interviews, presentations or starting something new
  • Creative development. Rose & Butterfly adores working with those on the path, or looking to get on the path, to producing creative work that truly matters to them and their communities.


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