Who is the coach?

Helen Williams

Helen qualified as a transformational coach with Grit breakthrough programmes and continues to volunteer with the organisation. She loves being witness to other people’s progress and works primarily with a solution focused approach willing clients to own their strengths and use them to make changes in their lives. She’s a member of the Association For Coaching and has regular coaching supervision.

Helen is also a digital projects consultant, a helpline trainer, co-production workshop designer and mental wellbeing facilitator.

Helen has benefitted immensely from coaching herself, finding the guts to step away from a comfortable and familiar job to pursue the path she feels most passionate about.

Before setting up Rose & Butterfly, Helen worked for a decade in the charity sector building up skills and knowledge to empathetically support others, she is a firm believer in life-long learning and practices this herself, some might call her a ‘learning junky’.

Random things to know about Helen:

  • Helen named Rose & Butterfly after her mother Jane Rose, who died of secondary breast cancer in 2016. Jane was a force of nature and her commitment to her own personal development, as well as sense of adventure, has inspired Helen from an early age.
  • Helen completed her coaching qualification while in treatment for cancer herself – she was diagnosed weeks before her mother.
  • Helen is a poet and regular participant in NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)
  • Helen originally trained to be a journalist and wrote music and art reviews for the official Glastonbury website for two years in a row.
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