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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” (Maya Angelou)

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Helen Williams
Director & Life Coach

Training & Consultancy

I’m a coach, digital community manager, facilitator and trainer. I have over ten years experience working in the charity sector for and have worked in collaboration with a range of organisations to provide training and consultancy on service development including Ambitious About Autism, Clic Sargent and OnePlusOne


Rose & Butterfly coaching is designed to help you access fresh perspectives where something that seemed out of reach becomes possible.
You’ll be given the opportunity to reflect on your current position, build your confidence and defy self-doubt

Sessions are friendly, compassionate and non-judgemental, they will challenge you to see your situation in new ways making clear distinctions between facts and self-limiting beliefs.


"Helen is a fantastic life coach. I couldn't say that more enthusiastically. She was a fantastic source of support and guidance for me - with trying to suss out my next career move. She was a great listener, very perceptive and offered very insightful reflections based on my discussions with her. She was committed, and an invaluable source of strength and helped build confidence in myself."


"Helen’s good at challenging what's fact and what's self-limiting belief. She’s been very good at using past successes to show me I've got the necessary skills for what's ahead, and for prompting me to consider when I might be resisting moving ahead with certain projects out of fear"


"I can't tell you how helpful it was and how much more hopeful I feel in my writing practice since talking with Helen."


"Having been made redundant three times in three years, I was feeling pretty low, confused and lost. Through her coaching, Helen has helped me to focus on positive outcomes instead of my natural tendancy of fearing failure, which has paralysed me previously. This has meant the barriers I believed were there for starting a new business venture were dissolved, and three months later, I have nearly completed a business start up course and had my first outing as a caterer... something I have dreamed of doing for 10 years or more. Helen's approach is supported by her many years experience and learning, but without you feeling like you are being put in a box or categorised in a way that other coaches may be more comfortable with."


"Coaching sessions with Helen were really useful, they allowed me to look at different challenges in a new perspective. During our sessions she would encourage me to think about the solutions to my challenges instead of just giving me the answer. Helen would give me different tasks to complete during the time I didn’t see her which linked to overcoming these challenges I faced. When I was given the tasks, it pushed me to want to achieve them, at times when I wanted to give up I just reflected on the summary of the previous coaching session and used what was said for inspiration."

Rose and Butterfly Coach, Helen

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